Feast of Tabernacles 2016

Come “Celebrate” the 2016 Feast of Tabernacles
in beautiful Historic Metro Atlanta, GA

The Beautiful Navy Lake Site on Lake Allatoona in Cartersville, Georgia

“…You have never experienced a Feast of Tabernacles like this!
A feast filled with joyous worship and praise, loving fellowship, Jesus-centered messages in the Unity of the Spirit, and in the Bond of Peace.”

This will be a unique gathering of God’s children, from different ministries, in the power of the Holy Spirit, honoring and worshipping and giving thanks to our Heavenly Father for the promise He gave us in His Son, Jesus the Christ, of eternal life, John 3:16-17.


Many of our brethren in the Atlanta GA have expressed an interest in having a Feast of Tabernacles in our local area to accommodate the many brethren that can’t travel long distances or can’t afford to stay the whole 8 days at the feast. We also want to accommodate brethren who are hungry for a Feast, which is Christ and family centered.  This celebration offers the best in:

  • Joyous Worship Music praising God for salvation IN JESUS CHRIST!
  • Cabin Rental Rate beginning at$385-1 BR $448-2BR $511-3BR
  • Sermon messages focused upon our Lord’s 1,000 year reign on this earth.
  • Church cookouts centered around the family and children
  • Evening Praise services, including Bible Study and Prayer.
  • Entertainment and games for the children.

Lots of Hotel and food accommodations: www.visitcartersville.org.


If you are interested, join us this year and truly celebrate the Feast of our Great God.  We do not assemble simply to celebrate Feast days, but to celebrate and worship the MIGHTY ONES who created these awesome festivals of our salvation.  For more information please contact:

Lemie McGarity Biblical Research Association Phone:  1-770-894-9829; Email: l_b_mcgarity@att.net

www.biblical Researchassociation.org